London Open Source Databases meetup: Peter Zaitsev meets the Community in London!

Peter Zaitsev, Percona's CEO, will be at our meetup. He will give a talk, and will answer any question from the community.

Before his talk, there will be the opportunity to give lightning talks, with a length of 5 minutes.

We'd really love to see some lightning talks to open the evening. It's an opportunity to give a short, low-effort speech in a friendly environment, at the presence of Peter Zaitsev and his audience.

To propose a lightning talk, please send an email to


Co-author of the highly regarded O’Reilly book High Performance MySQL, Peter is a long-time vociferous supporter of open source software at its most noble. He managed the High Performance Group within MySQL until 2006, when he co-founded Percona. He’s since stayed rigidly to his commitment free and open-source software, and in my view knows all there is to know about running a business underpinned by a truly open source software model. He’s also a well-known speaker at conferences and events such as All Things Open


18:00 - Welcome and networking
18:20 - Introduction, Federico Razzoli
18:30 - Lightning talks (TBD)
19.00 - Peter Zaitsev: Ten things developers should know about databases
19:50 - Pause with beer and food kindly offered by Percona
20:00 - Peter Zaitsev: Ask me anything

Afterwards, we can move to a nearby pub.

This talk works for developers or experienced database people. If you’re a developer there could be some surprises. If you’re a DBA then it’s good to get a perspective of things that may not come so naturally to developers. The points are valid for all flavours of open source database.

Peter has views on open source, on database technologies, on licensing, and on all kinds of other things. It’s good to talk, you can ask PZ anything! :)

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Attending: Federico Razzoli

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