SheffieldR - Sheffield R Users Group: Webscraping and making presentations in R

Webscraping in R: a short walk through rvest, selenium and purrr
Rich Louden, Data Scientist, Wilko

Having data to work on is key for any analysis, and with a large amount of data being held on the web a key skill is being able to obtain this data. As such, this talk will focus on a quick walkthrough of some of the webscraping packages and techniques in r, along side the use of some key tidyverse functions to help speed up and smooth the process.


Presentations in R using the Xaringan package
Anna Krystalli, Research Software Engineering, University of Sheffield

Walkthrough of making presentations using Rmarkdown and the Xaringan package.

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SheffieldR is an opportunity for anyone in Sheffield with an interest in R to meet up, listen to a couple of interesting presentations on R implementations and then network over a drink. The events are free and anyone, at whatever level of R skill, is welcome to attend. We rely on members of the Sheffield R community to speak at our meetups and try to offer a mix of "beginners" and "expert" level talks.