Scotland Data Science & Technology MeetUp: Revolution, Evolution and Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (Panel Discussion)

Revolution, Evolution and Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (Panel Discussion)

Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Voice Search and Ethical Usage – all emerging trends that may or may not dominate the AI landscape in the next few years. Join us for an evening of debate and discussion around these and other topics.

Our Panel Discussions are designed to be lively, interactive sessions featuring a high degree of audience participation. Please come armed with questions for our expert panel.

Our Panel consists of leading figures from the Scottish AI/ML practitioner space:

Marta Portugal
Senior Data Scientist / Merkle Aquila

Marta is a Senior Data Scientist at Merkle|Aquila.
Marta graduated with a MSc in Statistics and Operations Research and has since gained expertise in using statistical and ML techniques including image analysis (real time), predictive modelling, segmentation, neural networks and random forests in order to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Martin Thorn -
Senior Manager: Decisioning, Analytics & AI / CYBG PLC

Martin’s team at CYBG are responsible for harnessing the power of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (A.I) and using it to transform the way the bank uses this data.

Katie Gibbs - Head of AI at BJSS -

Katie Gibbs is head of AI at BJSS, the UK’s leading privately owned IT and Business Consultancy. Katie and her team cut through the hype to deliver design-led AI to ensure that the user experience remains at the heart of AI to drive long term adoption and high value solutions for enterprises.

Boris Mitrovic - Lead Data Scientist at Mudano -

Boris has extensive experience solving business problems using machine learning. He obtained his BSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, did postgraduate research in Machine learning and applied machine learning in a commercial setting. He now specialises in formulating and prototyping ML solutions for client problems at Mudano.

Hosted by Robin Huggins, Director of Client Services at MBN Solutions

Recently recognised as one of the 100 most influential people in the UK Data Industry by Data IQ.

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