Ligeti Quartet: Shared Consciousness

Neuroscientist and composer Cliff Kerr teams up with Associate Artists Ligeti Quartet. Explore what happens when performers become composers in the most direct, yet subconscious way possible; by translating brain activity into musical scores, in real time.

Leveraging recent advances in non-invasive EEG hardware and time series analysis methods this world premiere is surrounded by pieces which make use of some of the same elements. The shared consciousness represented in Lutos?awski’s masterminding of the aleatoric process; Ruth Crawford Seeger’s trailblazing use of textures in her highly original 1931 string quartet where the whole is greater than the sum of individual parts and Feshareki's slowly cumulative exploration of open strings and harmonics.

This is a Pay What You Think concert. You need to pre-book your ticket(s) then are asked to ‘pay what you think’ once the concert is finished. Payments can be made by cash or text message. Front of House staff will be around to help with any questions you might have.

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