#SheffDataforGood: Mapping 'Social Isolation' 1/2

Sheffield Data for Good brings together the data and social expertise in Sheffield to help solve the city’s social problems. And it's for anyone that's interested, not just 'data experts'.

The focus of this session will be 'Social Isolation'. The last time we met up about this topic, we had some ideas for what we could do next. We then voted on these ideas. And the winning idea was...

- Map risk factors and community assets/services by geography in Sheffield -

(see the full vote results at doodle.com).

So, this Meetup will be to explore this idea more and to get cracking on something! We will be holding another Meetup the week after this to carry on with the work if needed.

You don't need to have come along before.

to (Europe/London time)

More details and tickets: www.meetup.com

More Information

You will need to press the buzzer on the right-hand side of the door and a member of the team will buzz you in.

1st Floor, East Parade, Sheffield
S1 2ET