Edinburgh Data Visualization Meetup 5

Our next Edinburgh DataVis Meetup features:

1) Graham McGowan, ISD (Information Services Division) Scotland (part of NHS National Services Scotland) (www.isdscotland.org)

The Scottish Atlas of Variation.

The SAV presents a range of indicator-based maps at Health Board of Residence and Local Authority of Residence level, by financial year. The Atlas aims to highlight any geographical variation that exists in the provision of health services and associated health outcomes.
It is designed to facilitate discussion and raise questions about why differences exist and help to promote quality improvement through this conversation. As the Scottish Atlas of Variation develops, it will become an important tool to support Realistic Medicine by helping to identify and eliminate unwarranted variation, and the reduction of harm and waste within healthcare.
Visualisations in the Atlas are built in Tableau and are inspired by similar projects in other countries, including England, New Zealand and Australia. After the successful launch, the team is now in a position to consider other technologies and would welcome the group’s expertise and feedback.

2) Victoria Avila - Senior Assistant Statistician at National Records of Scotland (www.nrscotland.gov.uk)

How and why NRS uses infographics and data visualisations to promote demographic statistics.

NRS infographics and visualisations:

My Linkedin profile:


As usual, there will be space if you want to share anything. We're also always on the lookout for speakers, so let us know who you have in mind.

See you soon.
Brendan (Hill), Ben (Bach), Uta (Hinrichs)

*Venue: we’re in the Inspace Gallery at the University of Edinburgh's Bayes Centre for Data Science. Enter through the door at the *south east corner* of the building (just left of the white poles), right opposite Edinburgh Central Mosque.

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