Scottish Blockchain Meetup: The Building Blocks of a Citizen Focused World

This is a joint Scottish Blockchain and Scotland Data Science & Technology Meet-up

The Building Blocks of a Citizen Focused World

Date: 4 Sept 2019
Venue: Craiglockhart Campus (parking provided)


GDPR defines an increased focused on encryption and pseudo-anonymization. But many recent data breaches have shown that organisations often have poor practice when it comes to the anonymisation of personally identifiable information. And so, in future systems, we need to focus on the anonymisation the lowest layers of our data gathering, and then identify methods of revealing the information. But how are we going to apply machine learning into infrastructure which use encrypted data? And how are we going to identify individuals within anonymised infrastructures? And how are we going to be able to regulate for consent, privacy and governance?

This Meetup includes presentations on:

Anonymised and Distributed Machine Learning, Adam Hall. 20 mins -
Digital Wallets, Will Abramson. 20 mins.
The Future of Cryptography: Range Proofs, Mimblewimble, and other Crypto Magic, Prof Bill Buchanan. 30-40 mins.

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