Agile Sheffield: Agile Blankety Blank

First we had Agile Room 101.
Then we had Agile Dragon's Den.
Now we've got Agile Blankety Blank.

March's agile Sheffield is lightening talks by another name and with a game show twist*.

Can you come up with a short talk (between 5 - 10 minutes) with the title 'Agile is ___________________' or '________________ is agile'?

You can deliver your talk alone, in pairs or as part of a group. You can use slides, images, objects or just yourself. Your talk can be complete or a pitch to present something longer at a future meetup. It's up to you.

Please let us know if you'll present a talk so we know this event can happen!

If you've attended agile Sheffield before you'll know it's a group which listens, talks and asks questions. It's a group which wants to learn and bring together the agile community in Sheffield. That community is made up of people who have worked with agile practices and principles for a long time, those who have only briefly read the Agile Manifesto for Software Development - and everyone in-between. This should make the event a good time to try presenting a talk for the first time.

If you've not attended before and would like to say hello in advance - you can comment here, tweet or message us. We'll then make sure to meet you on the evening and introduce you to other people.

*Apologies to younger viewers and we promise if you missed this game show between 1979 and 1990 - it really won't matter!

Sponsors - Thanks in advance to Sheffield Technology Parks for the venue and to BJSS for providing refreshments.

Code of conduct - The event is being run is accordance with a Code of Conduct which Sheffield digital have kindly created. By attending this meetup you are agreeing to abide by its terms. The Code of Conduct is available from their website:

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