SheffieldPHP: Sheffield PHP - Object Reorientation

Join Chris Riley, one of the organisers of PHP Yorkshire, in March for his Object Reorientation talk. The event is free, open to all and will be held in the co-working space at Sheffield Technology Parks.

We are all SOLID developers who like to keep DRY, these are rules we stick to to try keep our code clean. Despite this, we often end up writing procedural code wrapped up inside objects. This code can be hard for our colleagues and collaborators to get to grips with and understand.

Join Chris for this object reorientation as we take a look at how we can leverage the power of object oriented design to write code which is not just SOLID, but easy to reason about and easy for others to understand.

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Sheffield PHP is a bi-monthly event, aiming to improve and build the PHP community in Sheffield.

Cooper Buildings, Sheffield Science Park, Arundel Street
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