Sheffield Ruby User Group: A Branch in Time (a story about revision histories)

In one timeline a quick path to clarity. In the other a painful journey trying to uncover the obscure intent of a line of code. The only difference between these two realities? The revision history…

This is a story about revision histories and their impact on software maintainability. Think Sliding Doors, but with more Git!

About our speaker

Tekin Süleyman is a senior freelance consultant who’s been shipping Ruby code for over a decade. He’s worked with teams, large and small: from Government agencies (GDS) to listed startups (FreeAgent), and the world’s oldest and largest Co-operative (Co-op Digital). He also runs the North West Ruby User Group in Manchester, and we had the pleasure to collaborate with them on a number of occasions.

Tekin has given this talk at Brighton Ruby, RailsConf and Railsconf Australia, and each time it gets better and better as he is great as incorporating feedback!

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