Edinburgh Data Visualization Meetup 3

For our third Edinburgh DataVis Meetup we're again at our new venue, the University of Edinburgh's Bayes Centre for Data Science* (www.bayes.ed.ac.uk). We're now at over 300 members.

This meeting will be less talk and more action. Ben will be running a working session on sketching in which you will get to think through some ideas and come up with suggestions for realising them, etc., etc.

This session will be a hands-on session on sketching for data visualization. We'll walk you through some problem analysis and idea generation techniques for data visualization. In the end, you will return home with new ideas and inspiration!

This session is targeted towards those of you having data and wanting to explore ways of creating visualizations for these data. The goals of today are to create an understanding of the importance of sketching for data visualization, to create visualization ideas for data, and to define data challenges we want to solve with data visualization.

* Bring real or hypothetical data (e.g., data you pretend to collect in the future) in a table / excel format.
* Bring your favorite (color) pens.

We bring paper and snack. You're welcome to bring your own.

No computers, unless you need them to show your data.

Meet us at Inspace, as usual.

As usual, there will be space announce any news you may want to share. If you have something relevant to tell everyone that will take more than a few minutes (e.g., you want to demo a tool), please let us know in advance so we can try to fit you in.

See you soon.
Brendan (Hill), Ben (Bach), Uta (Hinrichs), and Matt (Harrison)

*Venue: we’re in the Inspace Gallery at the Bayes Centre. The entrance is the slightly inconspicuous door at the *south east* corner of the building (the black door in the bottom right of the photo above), directly opposite the Mosque.

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More details and tickets: www.meetup.com

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