Sheffield Test Gathering (ShefTest): ShefTest Feb '19 - Coaching & Mentoring

Hot on the back of our last meetup - the lean coffee event we hosted to gauge interest in various subjects - it’s time for our first “proper” meetup of the year.

Coaching and Mentoring was a popular subject for discussion at the lean coffee event, however it was pretty clear it was a subject that most of us are in the early stages of thinking about. With that in mind, we’ve got a couple of talks planned that will hopefully get the creative juices flowing!

Aviva have kindly offered to host this event at their offices, so a big thanks to them for that! In addition to having a swanky location for this meetup, we’ll also be providing pizza and assorted beverages including some beer courtesy of U Account. We're told that nearby street parking is free after 6:30.

First up, our latest recruit to the ShefTest Team - Samuel Turner - is going to present a short talk about his first year as a Testing Mentor and the lessons he’s learnt along the way.

For our main event, Anne-Marie Charrett will be delivering a talk on Mentoring & Coaching testers from Dublin via a webcast. Hopefully we’ll have tested this sufficiently beforehand to have no problems with it... Fingers crossed! Anne-Marie is a highly regarded name in the world of Software Testing - particularly on Coaching & Mentoring - so we’re very grateful to her for volunteering to speak to us at our tiny northern meetup!

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A regular meetup for people interested in or involved in software testing.
Come and meet other testers and others involved in software development.