CodeTheCity: Working with Wikidata, Wikimedia and Wikipedia

You have most likely heard of Wikipedia but what are Wikidata, Wikimedia or Wiki Commons?

In this session you'll learn about - and get to try - a range of tools that have been built by Wikimedia volunteers to enable both the easy visualisation of information and data, and to streamline the crowdsourcing of things like pictures of listed buildings.

This is a practical evening workshop hosted by Code The City, Dr. Sara Thomas, Scotland Programme Coordinator for Wikimedia UK, who will lead an introductory session on Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. No experience is necessary.

This session is aimed at those with an interest in local history and culture, those who have a museums, galleries, libraries or archives background, or who just want to learn more about the Wikimedia projects and how they can get involved in improving existing data for Aberdeen and the North East. This will be an easy, informal introductory session.

You can bring a laptop or tablet to try the tools out - it's not absolutely essential but it will make it much more interesting!

This event is part of Data Fest 19's Fringe programme.

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