AberdeenPHP: Aberdeen PHP - Reactive Programming, a PH-Prequel

The group meets over pizza and beer or soft drinks, ranging and rambling chat, in addition to interesting and informative talks. Over the years we've had talks about design, continuous integration, docker, optimisation, side projects, learning, katas, devops, testing, joomla, minihacks, lightning talks, PHP7 and many other things. The group is diverse, welcoming, sociable, relaxed, irreverent, informative and fun.

This month Danny Ockilson will be giving us an introduction to Reactive Programming - a PH-Prequel covering the what/why and a little of the how before looking at examples in RXPHP, RXJS and a few others. If you've never heard of reactive programming or the reactive extension libraries this talk aims to get you started.

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to (Europe/London time)

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About AberdeenPHP

Aberdeen PHP User Group aims to provide a regular meeting for developers in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas to get together and discuss just about anything in and around the PHP Community.

St Mary’s Court, 47-49 Huntly Street
AB10 1TH

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