Edinburgh Data Visualization Meetup 2

A happy new year to everyone! For our second Edinburgh DataVis Meetup we're at our new venue, the University of Edinburgh's Bayes Centre for Data Science* (www.bayes.ed.ac.uk). The group now has over 250 members.

From our consultation exercise at the first meeting, it's crystal clear many of us want to learn more about tools. Hence, this session will be about some simple visualisation applications - and will certainly not be the last of this kind.

We will discuss the following three visualization tools, and we’d love to hear about your favourites too.

1) We'll start with Graphy (graphyapp.com) an impressive new, user-friendly SaaS tool built here in Edinburgh to make collaborative visualisation more accessible to busy teams of professionals. We'll be talking with cofounder Andrey Vinitsky about the journey to this point; he'll demo its capabilities and you'll have an opportunity to try them out, working together.

2) Next, Ben will demo two of his favourites, RAWGraphs (rawgraphs.io) and Datawrapper (www.datawrapper.de). If you bring a computer there will be a chance to follow along and build a simple visualisation there and then with data we provide (and, if you do, others might want to look over your shoulder).

As always, there will be the chance to announce any news or interesting information you may want to share with the group. If you have something relevant to tell everyone that will take more than a few minutes (e.g., you want to demo a tool), please let us know in advance so we can try to fit you in.

Again, with well over 250 members, it's worth booking now!

See you soon.
Brendan (Hill), Ben (Bach), Uta (Hinrichs), and Matt (Harrison)

*Venue: we’re in the Inspace Gallery at the Bayes Centre. The entrance is by the tree in this picture here: www.edinburghguide.com Unfortunately, the tree isn’t anymore, but the entrance is :)

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