#SheffDataforGood: Homelessness Focus Data Hack

Sheffield Data for Good brings together the data and social expertise in Sheffield to help solve the city’s social problems. And it's for anyone that's interested, not just 'data experts'.

Last November, we started to look at homelessness in Sheffield and have since been trying to establish what questions people have about homelessness and what data is available to answer these questions.

Since our last meetup in September, a small group from Sheffield Data for Good have been working closely with Roundabout to understand what data they are collecting and what this can tell us.

We are pleased to announce that as a result of this work, Roundabout now have 6 datasets they can open up to us for a data hack.

We will be running this hack as a full day event on a Saturday early next year but more details about the event and datasets will follow.

This will be our first Sheffield Data for Good hack which is really exciting but if you have any thoughts or tips for the hack, please let us know.

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More details and tickets: www.meetup.com

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