Splunk > Yorkshire - Sheffield User Group Launch

Users of Splunk in the UK have to go to either Edinburgh or London in order to engage with the Community and help make the most out of Splunk, meeting others that are making things happen with data.

This is your chance to have your say on how the User Group in Sheffield should run.

The session will start with Tom West presenting a presentation given to the London user group to Visualise DevOps success through Splunk using apps built for integrating Trello and Azure DevOps.

Following the presentation, the group will consider:
What we want our community to be?
How do we want it to operate?
What subjects do we thing would be most useful to discuss?
How often do we want to meet?
Do we want to know about other user groups?
How should it be led?

The evening will close with an opportunity to network with fellow Splunk users over food and drinks


to (Europe/London time)

More details and tickets: usergroups.splunk.com

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Attending: 1 person.

Whether you are a regular user of Splunk, or would like to know what all the fuss is about. Everyone is welcome to attend to make things happen with data!