Sheffield Test Gathering (ShefTest): Xmas ShefTest : How the f**k do you test...

Yes, that's right! It's another festive round of 'How the f**k do you test...'

This year we'll be applying the gifts of hindsight and testing to Home Alone.

Maybe with some testers on the case, Kevin might not have been left behind and the McAllister's house might be a bit more secure. Or maybe we could put our black hats on and see how the Wet Bandits could have been a bit more successful as hackers. Err... I mean burglars.

After that, plans are pretty relaxed... There'll be the usual dice and card games floating around. Take the chance to do a bit of networking. Or just kick back and have a chat with a beer. It's Christmas!

December 4th. Rutland Arms. Doors open 6:30pm. Festivities kick off at 7.

See you there!

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A regular meetup for people interested in or involved in software testing.
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