dotnetsheff: Cake (C# Make) with Gary Ewan Park & Security Headers and Cookies Robin Wood

February's event will be split into two parts, Gary Ewan Park presenting on Cake (C# Make) and the second half will be Robin Wood presenting on Security Headers and Cookies.

A Piece of Cake - C# powered cross platform build automation

Have you ever wanted to create a build script for your application, but been faced with learning a new language, or DSL, or writing more XML than any person should ever need to? Have you ever wanted to create a build script that will work cross platform? Have you ever wanted to create a build script that has first class support for the most common build tools like XUnit, WiX, SignTool, and many others? Have you ever wanted to create a build script that uses a language that you already know, and love?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the Cake ( ) Build Automation System is for you!In this session we will start with a standard .Net Solution and incrementally add a build and orchestration script to compile the application, run unit tests, perform static analysis, package the application, and more, using the C# skills that you may already have.

Gary Ewan Park (@gep13 (

Gary Ewan Park has been developing on the .Net Platform for almost 10 years. His day job sees him developing using ASP.NET, AngularJS, and WPF, for Oil Companies working in the North Sea.

In his spare time, Gary contributes to a number of Open Source projects including Chocolatey, Boxstarter, Cake, psake and GitVersion.

Gary is a founding member of the Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group, that holds monthly sessions on any topic related to the Microsoft .Net Technology Stack.

Security Headers and Cookies

Robin Wood (@digininja ( will be showing us how key HTTP headers can be used to enhance the security of web applications by enabling extra protections offered by browsers and how three flags can help you enhance your cookies by making them much less appealing to attackers.

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