Sheffield Test Gathering (ShefTest): Xmas ShefTest: The ‘Fun & Games’ episode.

Ho ho ho! Merry ShefTest! 🎄

In a change to the usual presentation format, we've got some tenuously test related fun and games for the Christmas edition.

First up...

How the f**k do you test: Die Hard

An idea lovingly borrowed from the Test Atelier in Leeds last month, and just wouldn't have the same impact without the sweary title (sorry mum). The 'How the f**k do you test Jurassic Park' session was a lot of fun and looked into how various dinosaur based disasters could have been prevented with just a little bit of testing.

Because it's not Christmas until Hans Gruber falls off Nakatomi Plaza, we'll be taking a look at some of the key points in Die Hard and discussing how some forward planning and analysis could have saved young Bruce from all of that bare footed running about.

Yippee-ki-yay mother flippers!

Then, after a short break...


Thats it. That's all you're getting. I'm not giving anything away. I don't want any spoilers.

But wait. There's more...

Win some swag in our Christmas Jumper Competition: The lovely people at uAccount are putting up a prize for the best (or worst?) Christmas jumper.
(p.s. They're based in Sheffield and they're hiring!)

Drink some beer! The equally lovely people at SkyBet are providing a bar tab, to help facilitate maximum audience participation.
(p.s. They're also based in Sheffield and always hiring!)

November 30th. Rutland Arms. Doors open 6:30pm. Festivities kick off at 7.

See you there!


Would you like to present at or sponsor a ShefTest in 2018? Are you doing something cool or new? Would you like to see YOUR gratuitous 'we're hiring' message here? Then do get in touch. :o)

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