Scottish Blockchain Meetup: Parkcoin - Blockchain use in day to day life & Blockchain in Film

June Blockchain MeetUp:

Parkcoin - an illustration of Blockchain use in day to day life

Using Blockchain technology for paying parking tickets
Philippe Meyer, Managing Director, Avaloq

Philippe Meyer has been working in the Capital Markets industry for more than 25 years bridging IT and business and focusing on innovation. He has been managing awarded projects like onemarket certificate platform for Unicredit, high frequency trading and electronic brokerage platforms for Credit Agricole. He has a strong technical background used in particular in systems integration. For a few years, he has been closely looking at the Fintech boom, analyzing the impacts and the possible responses from the banking industry. Meanwhile he has been fascinated by the Blockchain technology and has been helping companies to define their Blockchain strategy. He has recently moved to Avaloq Innovation where he manages the Edinburgh development centre.

Blockchain in Film

Paul Forrest, Chairman, MBN Solutions

Paul has some twenty-five years experience of helping businesses to solve complex business problems, deliver their transformation goals and to achieve tangible strategic outcomes and is a multi-award winning producer working in Independent Feature Films. Paul also sits on the board of a number of agile, disruptive and challenger businesses whilst supporting value creation programmes for Private Equity backed businesses

Blockchain Edinburgh Product Launch

Three members of Blockchain Edinburgh will launch an alpha stage product for cryptocurrency trading. The first in a range of products, including international identification, property and ticketing, this real-time application provides traders with advance knowledge of currency pairs about to rise in price. A white paper for ICO will follow within the next couple of weeks.

In a 15 minute talk, Mike will briefly demonstrate the application: it's usefulness, it's capability to identify false pumps, and how it exposes the flaws in CryptoPing, an alerts app completed ICO achieving $2.5M+ investment last weekend. A 2 minute flash tour of the Edinburgh team's roadmap follows.

If you trade cryto-currencies, you'll not want to miss this, or the opportunity to use the app!

Event schedule:

6:30pm : Arrive, Networking, Beer & Pizza
7.00pm: Presentations
8.00pm: Discussion / Q&A
8.30pm: Networking and Drinks

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