SheffieldR - Sheffield R Users Group: Meetup

Join us for the April edition of SheffieldR User Group, featuring two insightful talks:

Profiling and Optimising Your R Code
Dive into the world of code optimisation with Dr. Daniel Brady, Research Software Engineer at the University of Sheffield. Learn practical tips to streamline your code for improved efficiency and performance.

R Strategies for Health Data Pipelines
Dr. Joe Heffer, Research Data Engineer at the University of Sheffield, will explore essential strategies for handling health data within R pipelines. Discover techniques for packaging, ensuring data integrity, and securely handling sensitive data, along with insights on managing unexpected data volumes.

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More Information

SheffieldR is an opportunity for anyone in Sheffield with an interest in R to meet up, listen to a couple of interesting presentations on R implementations and then network over a drink. The events are free and anyone, at whatever level of R skill, is welcome to attend. We rely on members of the Sheffield R community to speak at our meetups and try to offer a mix of "beginners" and "expert" level talks.