Hands on IoT at Sheffield Tech Week

Welcome to Hands on IoT @Sheffield Tech Week! Join us for a hands-on experience exploring Internet of Things(IoT) technologies from a top down view and using no-code to establish some fun and commercially realistic IoT problems. This in-person event will be held at Sheffield Hallam University's ilab and is free for anyone to come along and build software for raspberry Pis as well commercial products.

What to expect:
Get ready to dive into informal small group interactive workshops and learn from industry experts and see through the code-haze at the underlying technologies used in IoT.

Who should attend
Whether you're a beginner, student, IoT enthusiast or you have been running IoT projects and looking for new ways to optimise and innovate this event is perfect for you! We will respond to any questions and share our 15 years of learnings of IoT systems and AI from device to cloud.

to (Europe/London time)

More details and tickets: www.eventbrite.com

More Information

It's on the 6th (top) floor!