AMPERE.EVENTS Get The Most Out Of Yourself As A Founder (UK Tech Week)

This three-hour event is our first highly interactive workshopping event, featuring Andrea Edmondson (Founder of NeuroSmart Learning), Nadine Pfeifer (Founder of Hopstair), Peter Hopton and Nick Dytczak Midworth.

This event will open up with 3x 10-minute talks from Andrea, Nadine and Peter exploring their expertise in understanding your differences, Neurodiversity and its traits, and debunking myths surrounding confidence. These three speakers will then be joined by Nick to form a panel for a 30-minute fireside chat & QnA discussing difficulties faced by founders regarding healthy self-regulation and other commonly perceived issues.

The final half of this event will include practical workshops where the room will be divided into four and the participants will be led through the following activities:

Peter Hopton – How to navigate the entrepreneurial space with the unique tools at your disposal.

Andrea Edmondson – Neurodiversity and its traits, how to best regulate the problematic behaviours which arise in the journey of an entrepreneur.

Nadine Pfiefer – Confidence. An explanation of confidence, self-awareness and appreciating yourself on a deeper level.

Nick Dytczak Midworth – Authentic relating to combat isolation and misunderstanding.

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