CodeTheCity: Democracy Hackathon

Over the last 10 years at our hack events, we’ve tackled many different thematic topics. This time it is something new, and very important: Democracy.

What do we mean by democracy? Well, it’s not party politics. Nor is it coming with a solution, constitutional or otherwise, before we have articulated the challenges or problems.

We mean the very functioning of government.

* How do we know who we are electing?
* How do we contact them, to ask questions, or when things go wrong?
* How can we hold them to account?
* What are the various levels of government?
* Where is the data that we need to understand, use, and interact with government?
* How transparent are the workings of government?
* What tools are available (and what can we build to fill in the gaps) to make this all better?

If you have never been to a hackathon before or are interested in knowing more about the projects previously tackled then please check out our hackathon overview page.

>> Challenges

Already we have a growing list of challenges posed which you can find a link to on our web page – or you can suggest your own ones.

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