Sheffield DM #28 - Digital Marketing Meetup

It's gonna be a big year for Sheffield DM - we're excited to kick off our biggest programme of events yet with February's meetup.


Olivia Day
SEO Lead, Digitaloft

Talk: “Case Studies in EEAT: Going the Extra Mile to Leverage Businesses' Real-life Expertise”

We've hard a lot about Experience-Expertise-Authority-Trust (EEAT) over the last few years in SEO, but retrieving that information from clients (if you're agency-based) or colleagues (if you're in-house) isn't always straightforward. Olivia will share case studies of how she's gone the extra mile to elicit expertise, and also show us how EEAT applies to other channels besides organic search.

Bradley Webster
Senior SEO Lead, Herd

Talk: “I'm a Fraud: Imposter Syndrome in Marketing & Why You're Not Alone”

With over five years' SEO experience at agencies across Yorkshire, Bradley has a passion for technical SEO, problem-solving, strategy and processes and has worked on a wide range of clients, especially in the finance and automotive sectors. But as with so many of us, he's not immune to suffering imposter syndrome. In this talk, he'll cover off why encountering imposter syndrome is perfectly normal in our profession, how it can manifest itself and how to overcome it.

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