Sheffield Startup Meetup

The Event:

Sheffield StartUp is a lively evening get-together that pulls in the region's top talents from the startup scene. Set in Sheffield Tech Park right in the city, this event is all about sparking real connections, having insightful chats, and opening doors for teamwork among cool entrepreneurs, potential investors, and folks from different industry corners. With a fun and diverse crowd, the buzz here fuels fresh ideas and sets the stage for future collaborations that could kick off the next big wave of innovation.

The Format:

The evening kicks off with a friendly hello at 17:45, where you can start mingling over some cool drinks. Come 18:00, we'll all settle down, do a bit of intro and dive into some fun icebreakers to loosen things up. Then at 18:15, it's time for Lightning Pitches - a stage for entrepreneurs to show off their, new ideas and current ventures or share how things are going. these are 60-second pitches so keep them tight. By 18:30, we'll roll into the Opportunity Spotlight, an open space for everyone to voice out what they're looking for, like a new workspace, hiring needs or tackling skill gaps. The chatter heats up at 18:45 with a lively panel debate on some of the biggest topics in the startup world today, and as we hit 19:30, we'll ease into laid-back Conversations, ramping up the networking vibe before heading out to a local pub for anyone keen to keep the night rolling.

Is This For You?

If you are an entrepreneur at any stage of your journey, a potential investor eyeing the next big idea or a professional intrigued by the startup landscape, this event is for you. It’s a platform tailored to foster relationship building, sharing knowledge and exploring collaborative opportunities that could propel your venture or investment portfolio forward. The diverse array of sectors and people ensures that there's something enriching for everyone.

Why Should You Come?

Attending Sheffield StartUp is an investment in expanding your network, enhancing your understanding of the startup ecosystem and discovering potential partnerships. It's a chance to engage with like-minded individuals who share your passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. The insights gleaned from the panel discussion, the opportunities for collaboration and the potential to either showcase your venture or meet prospective investors are great reasons to mark this event on your calendar on the last Thursday of each month.

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