Advancing Digital- SHU: Getting Started with Cloud Computing

How can you optimise how your data is managed online? With this course you will learn the benefits and risks around cloud computing. It’s applications and the impact this has on a personal level. Learn when and where to have backups of your data, and more importantly, who to trust with your data.

The sessions will involve examining a range of cloud options available to businesses and explore their strengths and weaknesses depending upon specific business needs. This will help attendees develop a richer understanding of the factors to consider in moving to the cloud and how make the most appropriate choice.

There is no specific technology requirement or focus for this course. However you are expected to have a basic understanding the cloud concept and some experience using the cloud for storage.
To qualify for this course, you must be employed in South Yorkshire.

Who should attend?
Anyone that has an interest using or developing cloud based services that minimise reliance upon local server infra-structure. Additionally, this course will give you an understanding of why migrating to a cloud based solution may be right or in some cases wrong for you. The course will give you this knowledge so that you can make an informed decision.

Code of Conduct:
Must be employed in South Yorkshire and live no more than 90 minutes from place of employment.

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If you have a job and live or work in South Yorkshire, Advancing Digital provides training so you can develop your digital skills. This can open new opportunities to progress in your career, into other roles or industries, and improve your performance at work.