Advancing Digital- SHU: IT Service Management

You will gain an understanding of service management and standards, such as working to SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and understanding how to manage compliance.

The sessions will involve a mix of theory and practice to help develop an awareness of the need for service management and how to design service management systems. This will help you consistently build high quality systems and services as required for growing businesses.

You are aware that IT services are an essential element of business stability and growth.
To qualify for this course, you must be employed in South Yorkshire.

Who should attend?
Anyone that has an interest in the development of their quality services that can be defined and used to support business growth and development. Additionally, this course will offer knowledge in how to interact with and manage services given or taken within the IT domain. This includes web development or technical support.

Code of Conduct:
Must be employed in South Yorkshire and live no more than 90 minutes from place of employment.

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If you have a job and live or work in South Yorkshire, Advancing Digital provides training so you can develop your digital skills. This can open new opportunities to progress in your career, into other roles or industries, and improve your performance at work.