Advancing Digital- SHU: Beginning Databases

Data issues can appear because data is not effectively stored or properly managed. You may have too much data in spreadsheets that are used by different people. This short course will allow you to analyse and document your data and help identify weaknesses while specifying how improvements could be made.

The sessions will involve mixture practical work and analysis of data to establish reliable and efficient database driven solutions. Following this short course you should understand the value of moving from spreadsheet-based data to higher quality solutions with managed and efficient data.

You must be employed in South Yorkshire.

Who should attend?
Anyone wishing to explore or expand the quality of the data management in their organisation. Experience of working with data in some manner will be an advantage.
Please note there is no significant hands-on coding involved in this workshop.

Code of Conduct:
Must be employed in South Yorkshire and live no more than 90 minutes from place of employment.

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If you have a job and live or work in South Yorkshire, Advancing Digital provides training so you can develop your digital skills. This can open new opportunities to progress in your career, into other roles or industries, and improve your performance at work.