Advancing Digital- SHU: Data Analysis for Business

If you work with a range of numeric data, there is the potential that more value could be gained from it. Following this short course, you will gain and enhance your understanding what useful information might be hidden within your data, based upon statistical properties.

The sessions will involve an introduction to some of the core principles of business data analysis and, the use of specialist tools to enable the development and communication of business data. Through critical evaluation of analysis and insights.

Limited experience of data analytics is required, some basic skills with Excel are expected.
To qualify for this short course, you must be employed in South Yorkshire.

Who should attend?
Anyone with the need or desire to develop their digital skills and data analysis would find this short course particularly valuable, as it encourages experimentation and industry standard best practices, within a safe environment.
Staff groups or individuals are welcome.

Code of Conduct:
You must be employed in South Yorkshire and live no more than 90 minute commute from your place of employment.

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If you have a job and live or work in South Yorkshire, Advancing Digital provides training so you can develop your digital skills. This can open new opportunities to progress in your career, into other roles or industries, and improve your performance at work.

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