SmartSheffield: IoT in da House! In-building tech

We'll be back at our spiritual home on the top floor of the 3 St. Paul building in the centre of Sheffield, as our partners at Arup are able to host us again for the first time since 2019! And in this, our 20th(!) edition, we're going to be taking a look at the latest in in-building IoT applications and how workspaces are adapting to the new post-covid reality.

As always, the format is that people can arrive from 6:30pm, then from 7pm there will be four short talks, followed by a quick bulletin from Chris Dymond on the latest local smart city news of interest, and then refreshments and chat until roughly 9pm.

Everyone is welcome and the meetup is designed for anyone with an interest in urban technologies and where cities are headed, not only professionals. Smart cities is a very broad and changing field and we are very grateful to be able to welcome people from many different fields, backgrounds and levels of knowledge.

Also, while Covid-19 restrictions are no longer legally enforced, we do encourage everyone to test before coming and to stay away if the test is positive or you are showing symptoms. If you do attend - and we do hope you do, of course, as we have all missed the social side of these events! - by all means wear a good mask and keep a respectful distance from other attendees. We are also aiming to stream the talks online for those who can't be there in person on the evening.

We will be announcing the speakers in due course, as they confirm, so please check back here or follow us on Twitter @SmartSheffield and make sure you're subscribed to the mailing list which you can subscribe to at our website - - where you can also see the talks and notes from our previous events.

Please book your ticket early as places are limited, and share this announcement with your networks and anyone you think will be interested!

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The SmartSheffield meetup is a free and inclusive open forum and social meeting space for anyone interested in 'smart cities' or urban innovation, and everyone is welcome.

The group is open for anyone to come along, find out what’s going on and contribute - the main aims are to bring people together who share an interest in using technology to improve the city and the lives of its citizens, and to discover, discuss, get involved in and give birth to local smart city projects and initiatives.

We employ Sheffield Digital's Code of Conduct and abide by the standards it lays down.

To get an idea of the kinds of topics we cover, please read about the previous meetups at

3 St Paul's Place, Floor 9 Norfolk Street
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