Future-scoping Hybrid Working Workshop - Information School, University of Sheffield

This knowledge exchange workshop will provide you with the space and time to come to grips with the issues and challenges of developing your own hybrid working practices in your organisations. We will share with you our research into how UK organisations are currently implementing hybrid working and the issues and challenges they are facing.

With the help of our facilitators, we will ask you to reflect on your actual hybrid working practices and discuss how this is affecting your productivity, wellbeing and work/life balance. We will then share with you a series of future-scoping digital technology scenarios to stimulate your own thoughts about how future technologies might help to shape your hybrid working experiences.

Our activities will focus on the three main issues: issues with hybrid working technological solutions, tensions of flexibility/autonomy vs. surveillance/control, and individual effects on employees’ wellbeing, work/life balance and socialisation.

Your insights and reflections will help us to provide hybrid working policy/guideline recommendations which we will share with you after our project ends.

to (Europe/London time)

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