The Future of Work in Scotland: The future of work is: no jobs - Benjamin P. Taylor

The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to be hosting the wonderful Benjamin P. Taylor for this intriguing session.

Benjamin will be sharing some perspectives and speculation on the future of work:

• Contracting models and power dynamics
• ‘Gig work’ above and below the API
• Rights and exploitation
• A small diversion into the absurdity and mendacity of ‘IR35’
• Simplified taxation and Universal Basic Income
• The potential of DAOs
• Three parallel worlds of tribal identity, dependence, interdependence and (inter)independence

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● Some new angles and combinations of future of work possibilities
● Discussion of what is important to hold on to or to obtain, and how to keep that focus
● Thinking about how parallel worlds are likely to emerge

Here's some background on our amazing guest speaker for this session:

Benjamin found on social media as @antlerboy – has been in public service reform and organizational effectiveness for over 20 years, and is passionate about the systems | complexity | cybernetics field. He describes himself as business evolutionary and avid learner, all of which he traces back to science fiction, studying philosophy (with politics and economics) at Oxford University, and being an outsider despite his privilege.

He began in a frontline role and then became Adviser to Leader in a London borough council and a career in public service consultancy through PwC, Sector Projects (part of Capita).

He set up RedQuadrant, a network consultancy, in 2009 with the goal of transforming public services and disrupting consulting. In 2016, Benjamin established the Public Service Transformation Academy, a not-for-profit social enterprise which builds the capacity of public services to transform themselves.

Benjamin curates and shares everything to do with systems/complexity/cybernetics at the Systems Community of Inquiry, hosts and supports and engages with many social media groups and systems societies, and is a Fellow of the Cybernetics Society and a Director of Systems and Complexity in Organisation, the systems practitioner professional body. In that capacity, he has supported the development of the UK’s level seven (post-grad) systems thinking practitioner apprenticeship. He is writing two systems thinking books, one for Routledge and one for Triarchy Press, and recording two podcasts: Transduction, the systems, cybernetics, and complexity podcast (I have come to sing songs to your cat), and Joy and Work: leading service transformation.

• Chief executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy, a not-for-profit social enterprise
• Managing partner at RedQuadrant, a networked consultancy
• Director at Systems and Complexity in Organisation, the systems
• Core member, Requisite Agility and member, the Open Eyes Collaborative
• Curator at systems community of inquiry

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