Digital Tech and Media Industries Skills Summit by Sheffield Digital

A lunchtime summit to debate South Yorkshire's professional digital skills ecosystem and contribute to the Local Skills Improvement Plan.

Sheffield Digital and the South Yorkshire Skills Accelerator are hosting an online Digital Tech & Media Industry Skills Summit in order to discuss and develop our industry's contribution to the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP).

This is a lunchtime event, via Zoom, and is for South Yorkshire-based employers in the digital tech and media industries, training providers and other interested parties who have a stake in improving the way professional digital skills are learned in our region, and how our skills ecosystem can be better adapted to the needs of the local knowledge economy.

Please read this article ( for the full background to this event, the South Yorkshire Skills Accelerator and the LSIP and SDF pilots.

An agenda will be posted here in due course, but the purpose of the summit is to bring the industry together to review the open "Draft Response" document and flesh it out with more background information, challenges and examples of both positive and negative experiences of the local skills system, and ideas for potential improvements and new initiatives that address current shortcomings.

Who is this event for?
We welcome participation from anyone who works in South Yorkshire's digital tech and media industries, particularly employers, training providers and people who can provide insight into their experiences of recruiting, leading teams and growing firms and projects, but also people who have recent experience of transitioning from education to a career in digital tech and media.

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