(def shef): TidalCycles - Making algorithmic patterns with pure functional reactive programming [CANCELLED]

This event has been cancelled!

TidalCycles (or just Tidal for short) is a domain specific language for making live patterns, usually musical patterns. I started making it over ten years ago, and it's since become an active free/open source project used by musicians around the world. I last gave a Sheffield FP meetup talk about this at def_shef about five years ago, so time for an update!

I'll talk about the (now much cleaner) innards of Tidal, how patterns are represented and manipulated as pure functions of time, and how state enters the picture. I'll also go into how patterns work as applicative functors and monads, to allow them to be flexibly combined. I'll more generally talk about the social context for this work, and what it feels like to hack haskell in nightclubs at 4AM in the morning while people dance to your code.. With plenty of demos along the way to keep things fun and accessible. All questions (especially stupid ones) will be welcome!

Tidal: tidalcycles.org
Blog: slab.org
Affiliation: thentrythis.org
Streamed performance with hellocatfood: www.youtube.com

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More details: tidalcycles.org

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Attending: Aaron Pritzlaff yaxu

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