New! AI for Good Meetup - AI Coach to Develop Skills for the Future

This project seeks to develop a tool that would help to accelerate and simplify the adaptation of the workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The tool, in the form of an AI coach, would be an end-to-end talent reskilling platform that automates talent skill mapping, identifies future skill needs, and bridges the two by finding personalised critical paths for reskilling and real job opportunities.

We would utilize machine learning technology to analyse every person’s skill pool and potential, against the labour market of the future. The aim is to find the quickest and most cost-efficient way for every person’s professional development. Moreover, lowering entry barriers to training and education would benefit the less educated, women, ethnic minorities and young people, who are particularly exposed to unemployment in the face of the decline of lower-wage occupations. Whilst our jobs can be replaceable or redundant, the people behind them are capable of evolution, adaptation and co-creation of the 'new consumer economy, focused on eradicating poverty, eliminating biases and closing the wealth gap all over the world.

A World Economic Forum report estimates that by 2025, 85 million jobs may be displaced by machines, but 97 million new roles may emerge due to a new dynamic between people and technology. The need to continually refresh skills and stay relevant for the future of work is at the top of the agenda for everyone from individuals to Fortune 500 companies.

We are looking for passionate volunteers to help us in any of the following areas:
- Product
- Data Science / Data Engineering
- Backend and Front End Software Support
- UX/UI Design

Some house rules to join this meetup:
- Please sign the T&Cs regarding contributing to community projects:
- Join our slack to stay tuned:

18:00-18:10 Introduction
18:10-18:20 Checking the latest status
18:20-19:00 Project discussion and next steps

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