The Future of Work in Scotland: Make Brilliant Work - Rod Judkins

The Future of Work Scotland team are thrilled to be hosting this session with author of best selling "The Art of Creative Thinking", Rod Judkins.

Have you ever desperately needed to come up with an idea but suffered from creative block and sat staring at a blank sheet of paper? Tried to think up solutions to a problem, but the flash of inspiration never came? Are your ideas are good but never brilliant? Make Brilliant Work shows people how to achieve creative success despite limitations in their talent, skills, or knowledge. The talk will leave you with 5 essential tools to overcome these obstacles, blocks, and blind spots and fulfil your true potential.

In Make Brilliant Work, you will learn from cutting-edge research in art and design, psychology, and science. The book explores a range of case studies to show how success is not the result of talent or intuition but practical, step-by-step processes. Apply these to your life and work to achieve your goals.

Many of the successful creative people you'll meet in the book failed at school, lacked natural talent, were not exceptionally gifted, or fired from their day jobs. But their methods produced brilliant work and led to international success – and they will work for you, too. Achieving brilliant work is no longer due to talent, information, or skill but about overcoming inner and outer blocks and generating great ideas. Make Brilliant Work is a route map of radical new paths to success. You will leave with essential tools to overcome obstacles, blocks, and blind spots.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?
● How to get ideas. How to create new ideas whenever you need them.
● Transform mediocre work into brilliant work.
● Learn from cutting edge research how to make your work more successful.
● Producing brilliant work is not about talent but overcoming inner and outer blocks

Here's some background on our amazing guest speaker for this session:

Rod Judkins is a writer, creative innovation consultant, and university lecturer. His book, Change Your Mind: 57 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Self and The Art of Creative Thinking, were bestsellers and translated into many languages. His latest book is Make Brilliant Work.

He has delivered workshops and talks to numerous businesses worldwide, including Apple, Google, Samsung, The Royal Free Hospital London, Bombay Sapphire and many others. He has lectured on art, design, and creative process at Central St Martin's College of Art, for over twenty years. His international reputation as an alternative thinker has seen him lecturing on platforms as widely placed as University College London, ESCP Europe, the University of Navarra (Spain), the University of Namur (Belgium).

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