The Future of Work in Scotland: OODA - The algorithm of agility - Ben Ford

The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to be hosting the awesome Ben Ford.

In this session, Ben will lead an exploration of Col. John Boyd's OODA loop. What it really is, and what it means for us in a technology industry that’s moving faster than ever.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● OODA - the algorithm of ADAPTATION
● The algorithm of Situational AWARENESS
● Mission Command - the algorithm of ACTION

Here's some background on our amazing guest speaker for this session:

Ben learned to code on an amphibious assault ship in 2003 while serving in the Royal Marines. Since then he’s worked in tech across many industries. He’s recently come full circle, and now translates military principles to tech companies to enable them to operate more effectively in the chaotic new world we find ourselves in.

Ben is on Twitter at @commandodev

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