NetSquared London: No-code Low-code charity successes

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No-Code Low-code refers to use of a collection of apps to develop digital services, with no or minimal coding involved. Instead, you piece together existing building blocks to create your digital solution.

In this meet up we will hear from a number of charities who have recently used a No-code or Low-Code approach to create a digital product.

Maryan Ali, a User Experience Designer who will be sharing the process behind building an asylum services directory app for Refugee Action by using the no code tool Glide Apps.

Phil Vincent from ACRE will share how they have used Coda to build a virtual 'Domesday Book', recording all the good things village halls are doing in 2021.

Lindsay Hodgson from Catch Impact will showcase how she's used the Zoho software suite to build a range of applications for charities including RNID (and will be joined by Jenny Kay from RNID to share the charity experience).

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