Sheffield DM (Digital Marketing): Lunch 'n' Learn

Shake your salad dressing and get comfy, Sheffield DM is back for another awesome lunch 'n' Learn!

Sheffield DM isn't just about exploring your standard series of digital channels - we want to dig into everything from strategy to tactics to the individual elements that make up your campaigns.

rAt this event, Billie Hyde will be sharing her experiences working with development teams as an SEO, the problems encountered along the way and how to supercharge your relationships with dev teams to get work done faster, better and stronger 💪

See you on the 4th!

12.30pm - 12.50pm
🤝 SEO Professionals: How to cultivate a great relationship with your developers!

The most challenging part of SEO can often be convincing developers to implement your suggestions. When a developer turns down one of our suggestions it’s normally down to how we have communicated the issue. It’s essential for SEOs and developers to have strong two-way communication and to educate each other so we can both become better in our fields.

In this talk, we look at why your suggestions to developers may have been turned down in the past, what developers are actually looking for and how to better communicate going forward!

👤 Billie Hyde, Account Manager @ SEO Works

Billie is an Account Manager at the SEO works, where she splits her time between upskilling other SEO professionals and managing SEO campaigns for a wide range of clients. Billie has worked across high-growth startups and global brands from local charities to international publishers.

12.50pm - 1.00pm

Sheffield DM is organised and sponsored by the team at Evoluted

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