Sheffield DM (Digital Marketing)

  • Join us for another amazing Lunch & Learn on April 29th where John Jackson returns for his second talk at Sheffield DM!

    The pubs are open again and the sun is beginning to shine! For now though, Sheffield DM continues to take place online and we have great lunch and learn session lined up.

    At our next event we're joined by Sheffield DM veteran, John Jackson, who delivered a great talk with us over two years ago now! John will be sharing his thoughts on how marketers are beginning to rely far too much on data.

    A contentious point, but one that's sure to make for an interesting discussion!

    Register your interest online, and we'll see you on the 29th.

    12.30pm - 12.50pm
    📊 Data Isn't Everything, It's Time To Trust Your Gut

    Data is a fundamental part of most marketing campaigns, but are marketers guilty of relying a little too much on data? Are we using data like a drunk person uses a lamppost? For support rather than illumination?

    This talk aims to highlight...