The Future of Work in Scotland: The People Success Pyramid - Dr. Charlie Cartwright

The Future of Work Scotland team are thrilled to be hosting CEO of People Success Labs, Dr Charlie Cartwright.

In this session we will explore:

What is the common denominator in every business challenge? Understanding it and successfully navigating this area is the key to creating positive business outcomes. The People Success Pyramid is that key.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● The primary motivator for employee engagement.
● What human beings want most at work?
● How to create outstanding results consistently.

Here's some background on our amazing guest speaker for this session:

Dr. Charlie Cartwright is the founder of People Success Labs, a consulting firm based in the Kansas City area whose sole purpose is to bring out the best in leaders & their teams.

Dr. Charlie is also the creator of the “People Success Formula”.

It is the result of a three decades long meta-analysis into what drives human behaviour. His research clearly illuminated the path to unlocking human potential.

“If you want to move mountains, first you must move people. Then those people will move the mountains.” – Dr. Charlie

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