AI for Good Meetup - Covid-19 Simulator for Humanitarian Settings

This is a special edition meetup focused on the AI for Good's COVID-19 Simulator tool for refugee camps and other humanitarian settings.

The Simulator is a web tool for NGOs and local authorities to model COVID-19 outbreak inside refugee camps and prepare timely and proportionate response measures needed to flatten the curve and reduce the number of fatalities. This tool helps to predict the possible outbreak scenarios and their potential outcomes and help first responders design an optimal intervention strategy. Read more here:

We would particularly seek help from Web App and Dash (plotly) Engineers, Python Engineers, Epidemiology and Modeling Specialists, and people experienced with the refugee aid sector. No worries, though, if you have any of these skills as we welcome people from all backgrounds as long as they are passionate to collaborate and use their skills for the greater good.

We are going to use Google Meet, here's a link to join:

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18:00-18:15 A round of introductions
18:15-19:00 Project discussion and brainstorming

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