Edinburgh Data Visualization: The making of an unnecessary visualisation about Seinfeld (Andy Kirk)

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Over the past 3 years Andy Kirk has been working on a vast, unnecessary data adventure to visualise every episode of the hit 90s TV show, Seinfeld. In September, he finished this project which, unexpectedly, turned in to a 240 page book.
In this talk Andy will go through his design process to share the detailed story behind this work. From the contextual circumstances, through the analytical stages of collecting and handling the data, as well as formulating his story, and on to the myriad design choices he made about matters like chart selections, colours and layout. You will learn about the rationale behind every decision and every pixel that ended up in the book.
Andy will also share insights into his mistakes, the inefficiencies, and the problems he struggled to overcome. Two attendees will also have the chance to win a copy of this limited edition printed work, tune in to find out how!

Andy Kirk is a Yorkshire-based data visualisation expert: design consultant, trainer, lecturer, author, speaker, researcher, host of the 'Explore Explain’ podcast and video series, and editor of visualisingdata.com

Since founding Visualising Data Ltd. in 2010, Andy has conducted over 300 training courses in 27 countries to +6500 delegates, with clients including Spotify, Google, EU Council, and Pfizer.

Andy has delivered post-graduate teaching with MICA (USA) and Imperial College, and is now an adjunct lecturer teaching data visualisation on a Masters programme at UCL. He has authored three books, with the most recent published by Sage in August 2019 and titled ‘Visualising Data: A Handbook for Data Driven Design (2nd edition)’.

He provides data visualisation consultancy services to organisations, helping them do more with their data, and has an ongoing engagement working with the Arsenal F.C. Performance Team.

Andy Kirk (www.visualisingdata.com)

Author, 'Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design' and curator of one of the best collections of visualisation resources out there.

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