Sheffield Women in Tech (ShfWIT): Failure comes before resilience – a special talk by Sonya Barlow

We are delighted to welcome Diversity Consultant and speaker Sonya Barlow to shfWIT to hear how to face failure and use it to our advantage.

About this Event

It’s January 2021… We made it through 2020 and the many challenges that entailed. We’re here and ready to take on 2021. But are we ready to accept failure?

It might sound like a negative way to start a new year, talking about failure, but Sonya Barlow (founder of the Like Minded Females Network, TEDxSpeaker, Podcast Host, Diversity Consultant & soon to be published Author – to name but a few achievements) will invite us to see failure as simply a 'temporary disruptor' - a necessary step in the growth of resilience.

Sonya will share with us her belief that failure is necessary, and that in the same way we train the different muscles in our body to learn, grow and strengthen - we must train our brain to think of failure as a new opportunity to learn, grow and strengthen. We will learn that resilience is our capacity to spring back from adverse situations. It's our flexibility, agility and adaptability.

With Sonya we will learn to embrace failure and build our resilience as we enter a New Year of new possibilities, please join us!

Event Timings

Zoom room opens – 17:45
Welcome and introduction – 18:00
Talk by Sonya Barlow – 18:10
Q+A/Discussion – 18:40
Close – 19:00 (ish, we’ll stay open for as long as people want to chat)

Code of Conduct:
During the event we will be adhering to the Sheffield Digital Code of Conduct. Please take a moment to read it.

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