Digital Meet Manufacturing: Footprint Tools Digital Case Study - webinar

The AMRC’s Digital Meet Manufacturing campaign is connecting disruptive digital tech with manufacturers who want to maximise the benefits of Industry 4.0.

In our latest event, you will hear from Tim Jewitt, Director at Footprint Tools about their experiences of working with the AMRC and local SME, A3L, to incorporate a robot into their line pin manufacturing process.

Footprint Tools are a 150-year-old Sheffield firm that has been in the family for four generations, enjoyed huge success during the hey-day of coal and steel, at one point employing more than 300 people. But the relentless rise of the low-wage economies in the Far East and the almost complete collapse of two of the North’s staple industries, changed the market completely.

At this webinar you will get to hear how the robot has been integrated onto the factory floor, what effect this has had on the business and their plans to implement further digital technologies. At the event, I will also be discussing further opportunities out there for companies like yourselves in the manufacturing sector.

How the AMRC helped Footprint Tools:

• Created a virtual model of the robotic manufacture of line pins
• Carried out factory-based, slow motion video of complex manual linishing process
• Programmed a robot to carry out this subtle but hot, repetitive and dirty activity
• Designed and 3D printed a robot fixture to accurately hold the raw line pin
• Ensured the quality of finished product is comparable to skilled craftsman
• Sourced second-hand robot capable of performing the task
• Identified trusted local SME to integrate the robot on the factory floor for seamless transition
• Supported integrator through shop floor teething problems
• Freed craftsmen to perform more value-added activities.

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