Sheffield Legal Hackers: Technology and Criminal Justice - Panel Discussion

2020 opened with a call from senior UK police leaders for better, smarted and more integrated uses of new data-driven methods, new applications of technology in order to help alleviate challenges faced by the police service as a whole, and to better innovate services in protecting the public. However, as recent regulatory and judicial moves have shown, these innovations are not without legal and ethical problems.

Our panellists will each in turn express their views on this matter and help you explore these in key areas of the debate.

Join us on our ONLINE event at 6PM on 25 NOVEMBER 2020 to hear the thoughts of:

Jamie Grace - Senior Lecturer in Law at the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice, Sheffield Hallam University, focusing on data-driven, predictive policing.

Detected Chief Superintendent Chris Todd - Head of Professional Standards at West Midlands Police, focusing on data ethics issues in policing.

Professor Stuart Lister - Processor of Policing and Criminal Justice, University of Leeds, focusing on body-worn video and police accountability.

Dr Joe Purshouse - Lecturer in Criminal Law, University of East Anglia, focusing on facial recognition tech and governance.

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