The Future of Work in Scotland: The new normal: AO concepts & Patterns - Pierre E. NEIS

The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to be bringing you a session with our good friend and author of newly available "The New Normal: AO concepts and patterns of 21st Century Agile Organizations".

"It took more than ten years for me to allow myself to put my ideas on paper. Behind the fantasy of writing “the game changer, my intention was handing over the relay stick to the community."

What is Agile? What does it mean “Agile done”? Are there any indicators to get there?

The new normal initiates the concept of paradigm shift. My session is about explaining how Agile might be part of the solution to design a better future.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

* Get a different interpretation of the very meaning of Agile
* Get a tool to design the alliance between management, customer and operations
* Accept that Agile isn't the goal, it is the way to reach a goal
* Open the door to Agile Organisational Design and continuous re-org

Here's some background on our awesome guest speaker for this session:

Pierre Neis is a French-German Agile Coach in charge of large Agile Transformations.

Since the last decade, he has supported around 200 companies around the world in their agile journey as a scrum master, product owner, executive, coach, consultant or mentor.

Believing in synergies, Pierre is collaborating actively with most of the major strategy consulting companies for both Agile and Digital Transformation strategies.

He is the author of "The New Normal: AO concepts and patterns of 21-st century agile organizations"and co-creator of #play14.

Pierre has also contributed to several books and publications around agile management, social sciences and gamification.

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