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We all know about tools like Postman and DevTools that testers use to help them on a daily basis. (If you don't, you're really missing out!) But what happens if there isn't really a tool to help you test the thing being built?

There's no point building something if you can't prove that it works. And if you need to build something to help prove it works, who better to build the tool to help test the thing than the people building the thing! Still following?

Iain Mc will be running through some of the in-house tools that the teams at Sky Bet have built to make testing their products just that little bit easier.

I'm genuinely really proud of the fact that some of the prioritised tickets going through our board are called things like "Build a tool to help test ...".
There's nothing groundbreaking in this bunch. They're mostly little apps that make our systems easier to observe or they replicate a service that we can't control. But the difference they make to my life as a tester is huge! And maybe they'll give you some ideas that you could take away and help improve the lives of your testers too.

If you have got anything similar that you would like to (and are allowed to!) show off then drop us a line and you can join in on the night.

Wednesday August 5th. Zoom. Room opens 6:30pm. Talks begin at 7.

We'll update the Zoom link in advance of the meetup.


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